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Individual Therapy

Which plan is right for me?

Like all good answers, it depends! Some businesses require lots of support due to the volume of transactions or accounts they may have. The best way to know which plan is right for your business is to schedule a free consultation with our expert bookkeeper, Tina, who will guide you to the correct plan to meet all your needs! Click here to schedule your free consultation call.

Do you help with Payroll services?

Yes! We offer Payroll solutions including Direct Deposits, New hire reporting, an Employee Portal, and HR tools you need to manage your employees and keep the business running smoothly. Chat with me about your Payroll needs.

Is it free to talk to a bookkeeper about my business's needs?

Yes, absolutely free! We want to get to know you and make sure we’re a good fit, and that process is 100% free of charge. Get some questions answered and get to know Tina, our QuickBooks expert and Bookkeeper extraordinaire from Jefferson City, MO. Chat with Tina for FREE today!

Couples & Group Therapy

Do you use QuickBooks for Bookkeeping?

Yes! We are QuickBooks experts and utilize QuickBooks for every client who would like fast service, cloud-based online reports, and the tools to manage your business’s financials with ease.

Can I cancel my Bookkeeping Service at any time?

Yes! We offer hassle-free cancellations to our Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly bookkeeping services subscription packages if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

What's the working relationship like with Fair and Square Bookkeeping?

Our clients love us, and for good reason! Our top priority is providing excellent (over the top) customer service and transparency. Our subscription plans come with Monthly client calls, status reports, and unlimited email support (so that question on your mind doesn’t keep you up at night).

Fair and Square Bookkeeping is set to grow with your business, and the only way we do that is with a terrific working relationship that we nurture over time. If you’re looking for a passionate, professional, yet relaxed and (dare I say) fun virtual bookkeeper for your small to medium business, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I reach Fair and Square Bookkeeping?

You can contact us at anytime through our contact form here or via email or phone call.

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