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Fair and Square Bookkeeping believes in offering reliable bookkeeping solutions to our customers. As an entrepreneur, you always need to stay tuned to your company’s financial status to make informed decisions, which is why we offer a comprehensive solution that is fine-tuned to your specific business needs.

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Fair and Square Bookkeeping is your reliable bookkeeping, offering cloud-based solutions. Our highly reliable services using state-of-the-art software such as Quickbooks makes your bookkeeping process simple and easy, so you can concentrate on growing your business. For small and medium enterprises, bookkeeping processes can be a hassle and would take up your valuable business time to compile reports. With our efficient processes and low monthly charges, you get a fully integrated accounting platform for your business that gives you easy access to various reports and helps you understand your business better.

Our Services

We offer an extensive range of bookkeeping services to our customers, making us a one-window solution for all your bookkeeping requirements. Using our cloud-based services, you can check your reports and financial standing on the go. Here are some of our services:


No more crunching numbers when you could be making sales. Let our team reconcile your bank statements!

Monthly statements

Reliable like the daily newspaper on your doorstep, we provide statements of work and reports each month!

Classifying transactions

Need help categorizing your monthly transactions? Let us help so you’ll never misclassify that software purchase again.

Monthly phone meetings

We provide full transparency in our work, which is why we meet with our business clients on a monthly basis. Now that’s what I call service!

Unlimited Email support

Anything you need is just a simple email away! We’re here to answer all your questions!

Rescue work

Found yourself in a bit of a pickle? We’ve got just the folks to help. Fair and Square Bookkeeping to the rescue!


Enjoy expert benchmarking of your financials and growth against the competition in your business sector. 

Financial success roadmap

Get professional help plotting out your business’ map, guide, and checkpoints on your road to financial success.


Dealing with employee pay can be a hassle, but our team is ready to handle it for you! 

Accounts payable

Need help balancing that monstrous accounts payable column, that just won’t quit? You’ve come to the right place!

Accounts receivable

Not enough money coming in? You may have an accounts receivable problem that we can help with!

Fair and Square Bookkeeping is your reliable partner when it comes to affordable and efficient bookkeeping practices.

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